Our Technology

Heart Valve Decalcification

Calcium deposits can form on the aortic valve in the heart, which can lead to aortic valve stenosis and heart failure. Currently, there is no treatment for calcified heart valves other than valve replacement. WaveClear intends to treat this condition in a single-session outpatient treatment using the WaveClearTM Medical Device System.

WaveClear’s Novel Ultrasound Therapy uses Cavitation Collapse of cavitation bubbles to micronize calcium and thrombus. Micro-streaming re-circulates particulates in the treatment zone, producing small particulate size. Furthermore, macro-motion of the wire reaches the entire lumen of the vessel or the entirety of the valve. the low inertia of the wire prevents damage to tissue while the fluid motion produced by micro-streaming and macro motion helps infuse lytic into the thrombus.